Nagaura Net has Remarkably Improved the World-wide Fish Catches

Whenever you need fishing nets, ropes and land-use nets, call us, Nagaura Net.
We are quality-oriented; we procure raw strings directly from our reliable supplier, do all the processing like twining, twisting and net-fabricating at our own factories under our certified severe quality control. Then, we provide high quality fishing nets, ropes and land-use nets directly to net retailers at very reasonable prices. Our Nagaura nets have already received highest reputation as a top brand fishing net from our royal users in more than ten countries, because Nagaura net has remarkably improved the worldwide fish catches.

Major Product Line

Gill Net 流し網
Fixed Net Trawling Net

New Type of Fishing Net. “Vectran Netting”




Head Office and Factory

3980 Nagasu, Usa, Oita, 872-0001, Japan
Phone : +81 0978 38 1121 (Pilot)
Fax : +81 0978 38 1527

Yanagi-ga-ura Factory

2999-1, Esuka, Usa, Oita, 872-0032, Japan
Phone : +81 978 38 1121
Fax : +81 0978 38 2046

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